Intuitive Bayesian Modeling with PyMC#


In this task Oriol gives an overview of PyMC, and why it is beneficial to supercharge your data science skills with probabilistic programming. The presentation is organized by layers from more generic to more specific. The following are covered: the main features of the Bayesian paradigm, probabilistic progamming, PyMC and finishing by covering some hands on examples of Bayesian modeling with PyMC.


  • Audience: People who are interested in probabilistic programming.

  • This is a beginner-level presentation. It is helpful to have some knowledge of python and statistics/data science.

  • Github Repo

  • Slides for the presentation


Oriol Abril Pla is a Bayesian statistics and open source sofware enthusiast currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Helsinki Uni. He is also a member of the ArviZ and PyMC teams.