Introduction to Array Operations in Python#

This is a ~40 minute session to introduce you to array manipulation and basics of Python, which will be useful to contribute to computational open source libraries in Python. We have some specific aims in mind:

  • Understanding basics of arrays, lists and datatypes in Python

  • Using Python with Numpy

  • Motivating you to contribute to PyMC, and hopefully also to other open source libraries

This event is a part of a larger series of PyMC - Data Umbrella events, which are aimed at helping you contribute to PyMC (Open source library for Probabilistic Programming in Python)


  • Audience: people who don’t know Python but have some basic programming knowlege

  • Github Repo

  • All the content is available on this website, and you can run the code from the website to follow along with the webinar.


Meenal Jhajharia is a computer science and mathematics undergraduate in junior year. She has been working on Bayesian time series estimation models with PyMC, this project started when she was a Google Summer of Code’21 student . Generally she is interested in Probabilistic Programming, NLP, and algorithms.