Event info#


Open Source Working Sessions#

Data Umbrella is organizing a series of open source working sessions to contribute to the PyMC project. For more information, see Resources section.


In these sessions we’re focusing on bringing in new contributors, we sincerely hope this will be a welcoming, inclusive experience for you into the world of open source software. We hope to help you to the best of our abilities and learn from you as well! The session will consist of small resolvable issues and contributing to the PyMC documentation, so if you aren’t experienced in software development no worries at all, you can contribute to documentation with knowledge of markdown or statistics.


Requirements depend on the contribution you are aiming for, the only common requirements are internet access and a laptop!


  • GitHub account

  • Basic git

Code and Documentation#

Note: a small subset of documentation contributions only requires a subset of these requirements, see below if interested.

  • GitHub account

  • Python/conda environment setup

  • Basic working knowledge of terminal and git

Documentation contributions (non-code dependent)#

That would be for example working on the glossary or adding references to docstrings.

  • GitHub account

  • Basic git

  • Markdown / reStructuredText (RST)

  • Raw text editor


  • Transifex account

  • English + (Spanish or Portuguese)

  • GitHub account (optional, for account authentication)


Other than these types of contributions, you can make different kinds of contributions with different skill sets, for example:

  • You can contribute to documentation with knowledge of markdown and maybe some basic statistics

  • You can contribute to CI/CD issues or Python issues with basic knowledge of programming

  • You can contribute to core codebase with knowledge of Python + Bayesian Statistics

  • Note: Check the event cheat sheet to know a suitable area of contribution and some resources to prepare you for it

Target Audience#

The following table answers the question “This sprint is for someone who is/has …”



New to Open source

Statistical background

Currently working in data science/software

Knows/uses PyMC

Member of the PyMC team

Read the Your event cheat sheet for more detailed answers and to see what types of contributions can you make depending on your interests and background.