March 2023 Open Source Working Session: Latin America#

This event is an online hands-on working session to contribute to PyMC, a Python probabilistic programming language. Knowledge of PyMC is not required, and it is beginner-friendly. There is a range of possible contributions, from adding timestamps to videos, to documentation, to running Jupyter notebooks in the latest version of PyMC, to more advanced code contributions.

This event is focused on the LATAM region. However, we welcome folks from all regions. Please indicate on the registration form if you will need a translator.

Volunteers: If you are available on the event day to be a translator for Spanish or Portuguese, please contact us ( To contribute to the website translations, please see Language Translations.


Inspirational Tips on Contributing to Open Source#

Check out this 3-minute video by Mariatta Wijaya. She has been a Python core developer since 2017, and she shares a few inspirational remarks for those beginning or continuing their journey in contributing to open source.

  • “I wish someone had told me earlier how amazing open source is and I had become involved earlier.”

  • Participating in and influencing decisions in the open source community is important.

  • Open source lets us learn about: continuous integration, unit tests, documentation, packaging




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Open Source Working Session

Mar 30, 2023 (Th)

10am ET / 15:00 UTC

3 hours


Monthly Open Source Contributing Sessions#

We have monthly open source contributing sessions, referred to as “PyMC Study Sessions”. We plan to invite people who attend this event and begin work on a pull request. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to join these sessions.

Schedule with Timezones#

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