Contributing to PyMC Documentation#


The best software libraries of the world are severely restrictive and inaccessible if they are not properly documented, resulting in few or no users. PyMC has an extensive documentation corpus with examples of all kinds which has been built since its initial release back in 2015! In this webinar we’ll explain how to contribute to PyMC documentation to update it to our new infrastructure built during the last 8 months thanks to Outreachy and GSoD (Google Season of Docs).

You’ll learn how to use MyST (a superset of Markdown) to write technical documentation, to use multiple types of cross-references, to add beautiful styling elements, figures with captions… all while using executable Jupyter notebooks!


  • Audience: People who are interested in contributing to PyMC documentation

  • Requirements: Markdown

  • Github Repo

  • All the content is available on this website, which is built with the same tools we use for PyMC documentation.


Being comfortable writing and formatting with Markdown is necessary, being familiar with Jupyter is strongly recommended.


Oriol Abril Pla is a Bayesian statistics and open source software enthusiast currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Helsinki University. He is also a member of the ArviZ and PyMC teams, where he dedicates most of his efforts to documentation and community management.