Add yourself as a contributor to the OS Working Session

The template shown rendered below for the Data Umbrella logo is available here to help you copy it and add yourself to the contributor list.

Steps to follow are only mentioned here. For an extensive tutorial you can read the page Creating a Pull Request and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Fork and clone the repo. You can get to the repo on GitHub with the icon on the top right of the page

  2. Create a feature branch.

  3. Copy the contributor card template:

    <img alt="Image for contributor template" src="" class="rounded-circle">
    Contributor Name
    Contributor Location
  4. Open this file: 2023-03_sprint/sprint_parties/

  5. Paste the template to the relevant section and update it with your personal info.


    • Copy everything. The opening and closing 3 colon fences (:::) are necessary

    • Paste your card under the last card available (that is, after the last :::) but above the end of the grid (that is, before the one with 4 colons ::::)

    • Empty lines are important for rendering. The empty line between “Contributor Name” and “Contributor Location” places them in different lines when rendering. The lack of empty line between the multiple icons places them in the same line when rendering the website.

    • The image can be added to the repo (_static/contributors_2023_03 folder) as part of the PR or be an external link like in the template. But it needs to be a square image.

    If you do not want to share a website, GitHub, Twitter and/or LinkedIn, those lines can be deleted, keeping an eye on not leaving empty lines between icons+links.

  6. Commit your changes and open a Pull Request

Returning Contributors#

Returning contributors have previously participated in a Data Umbrella or PyMC open source event or have previously contributed to PyMC.

Image for contributor template

Cristián Maureira-Fredes

Berlin, Germany

New Contributors#

Image for contributor template


Bangalore, India

Image for contributor template


Los Angeles, CA

Image for contributor template

Sai Tejaswi Veeramreddy

Brooklyn, New York

Prince Takyi

Accra, Ghana