Event Guide#

Here are some guidelines and suggestions about the event for participants and volunteers!

General Information#

  • Be Polite

  • Ask questions

  • Don’t use any discriminatory terms

  • Use gender neutral pronouns unless you know someone’s preferred pronouns

  • Don’t use words like “guys”, instead say “folks” or “people”

  • Be inclusive and kind

The sign up instructions are available on Meetup, please try to join on the starting time so you can receive proper help and guidance for the session.

We will have separate channels (or “rooms”):

  • Women and Non binary folks: this breakout room is specifically for women and non binary folks, we hope you have a meaningful space here where you’re heard!

  • New to open source: this breakout room is for newcomers to open source so you can get suitable help

  • Code related PR: If you are making a code related contribution then you’ll be assigned to this breakout room

  • Documentation related PR: If you are making a Documentation related contribution then you’ll be assigned to this breakout room

  • Spanish Speaker: Please let us know if you prefer this. We will ensure we have a Spanish-speaking mentor available.

These breakout channels/rooms aren’t rigid, you can choose which one you wish to be in, they’re created solely to help us help you!

Volunteer Guide#

  1. Be patient and kind to session participants, if you feel unable to help someone with a doubt or issue, redirect it to another volunteer or PyMC team member if someone is available. If that does not work, consider suggesting a new issue to the participant.

  2. Encourage people to introduce themselves and ask questions.

  3. Do flag any (really ANY) inappropriate behaviour. Warn the participant or remove them from the platform in these cases:

    • They make a discriminatory remark

    • They are being persistently rude

    • They are a spammer

Tentative Structure of the Session#

  • All participants join, the first 10-15 mins are spent with everyone introducing and saying hi

  • Participants are redirected to the board consisting of available issues that they can choose from here

  • If a participant doesn’t find a suitable issue here they’re encouraged to ask the volunteers for help, who will suggest an issue or task based on their said skills

  • Participants go to breakout rooms and work on their issues, they should make a comment on the issue they’re interested in, after which volunteers will update that issue on the Event Dashboard for clarity

  • Volunteers keep alternating between breakout rooms to checkup on Participants, to see if they need help

  • Participants can go to the “help-desk” channel/room if they have a question

Cheers, have fun folks!

Event Organizers